Student support

We offer a range of support services so that you can enjoy the best University experience that 天堂视频 has to offer. Together our support services can advise on range of issues, including health and wellbeing, relationships, finances and budgeting, visas, study skills and so much more.

Our commitment to you

As a University, we are continually working to provide a more inclusive and supportive environment where our students and staff stand together and empower one another to achieve great things.

We promise to listen to the experiences of our staff and students and provide a platform for their voices to be heard. Together we will stand up for what is right and work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of any kind at 天堂视频.

Our commitment to you

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Support for International students

Here at 天堂视频, we are dedicated to providing full support to students joining us from various corners of the globe. 

Our commitment to providing robust support services ensures that international students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially, contributing to a vibrant and enriching educational experience within the 天堂视频 family.

International student support